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Wallpapers are trendy products that are created by designers and made by craftsmen, with craft aesthetics and individual style.

It can most conveniently and quickly change the style and atmosphere of the wall surface, so that the environment becomes vivid and rich. Just like an ordinary girl, if she can dress up, she will be dazzling.

Dressing the girl is fashion, and the wall is decorated with wallpaper, which is the fashion of the wall. It is the most economical way to upgrade the environmental grade.

The regions with high wallpaper penetration rate must be regions with higher cultural taste and more developed economy.

In Europe and America, the penetration rate is greater than 65%, and Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are as high as 90%. Wallpaper has a more decorative and beautifying effect on uneven or cracked walls.





* 传统墙纸 Normal Wallpaper (家用墙纸)
* 传统墙纸 Office Wallpaper(高级办公墙纸)
* 墙布 wall-cloth
* 壁画墙纸 mural wallpaper
* 刺绣墙纸 Embroidered wallpaper
* 刺绣墙布 Embroidered wall-cloth

韩国纸的尺寸是1.06m x 15m (15平米)
中国纸尺寸0.53m x 10m (5平米)
(因为可以切三片 3/0.53~=6 就是需要6片的墙纸,那就是2卷)
比如:墙面高3.4米 一卷只能切2片 (因为第三片高度不够)

I. Calculation method of wallpaper usage
1. First calculate how many pieces of wallpaper can be cut per roll: Algorithm: length of wallpaper ÷ (height of the room + edge loss) = number of cutouts per roll For example: to buy wallpaper of 0.52 × 10 meters, the room height is 2.6 meters, 10 ÷ (2.6 + 0.2) = 3.57 (round off the decimal point, that is to say 3 pairs can be cut)

2. Calculate how many sheets of paper are needed:
Algorithm: Room perimeter / wallpaper width = number of frames required. For example: still choose 0.52 × 10 meters wallpaper, room perimeter is 18 meters (perimeter is after subtracting the width of doors and windows) 18 ÷ 0.52 = 34.6 Width (carrying after the decimal point, which means 35 pairs of paper)

3. Fold into rolls:
Algorithm: Number of wallpapers required ÷ Number of wallpapers that can be cut out per roll of wallpaper = Number of rolls For example: the above needs 35 wallpapers ÷ 3 = 11.66 rolls (here we need to round up 12 rolls)


例如:要选购0.52×10米的墙纸,房高是2.6米, 10÷(2.6+0.2)=3.57幅(舍去小数点后边的,也就是说可以裁3副)


Area 1 (in meter)
Area 2 (in meter)
Area 3 (in meter)
Windows (in meter)
Doors (in meter)
Allowance (in %)
Price per sqr meter (in $)


Total Area:  
Total Wallpaper Needed:  
Total Price: