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E-Best is a well-established and leading wallpaper shop in Singapore. Our patterns and wallpaper designs in Singapore are the most compelling and captivatingdesigns to decorate your walls and create a pleasant ambience. We are serving to offer the highest quality home wallpaper in Singapore to style your interior and mesmerise the onlookers. You will get all kinds of wallpapers at our shop for residential and commercial places at the most affordable rates.

A variety of wallpaper designs from Europe or Korea to highly creative murals are available to embellish your homes and style them as per your taste and desire. Being a wallpaper specialist in Singapore, we take care of your needs and requirements to offer the best quality yet highly exquisite wallpaper patterns to capture your heart and decorate your home walls.

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E-Best is the first choice of customers to buy wallpaper in Singapore because of our affordable rates and finest quality wallpapers. We believe in manufacturing innovative and creative wallpaper designs to complement everyone s taste while keeping the prices in an economical range. Our prices are transparent, and we give an honest quote for installing a wallpaper at your place.

So, contact our wallpaper shop in Singapore now to buy the latest and trendy wallpaper designs.

Transform Your Home with Stylish Wallpaper in Singapore

Every homeowner seeks something unique and beautiful when it comes to decorating their home. They will search for inspirational ideas that can be used as home décors such as bold colours and trendy patterns that complement their painted walls.

If that is what you are seeking, we've got something for you! Wallpaper has been a popular choice among homeowners. But then it occurred to us: where can I find trendy and quality wallpaper for our home? With E-Best, your searches have come to an end!

E-Best is a reputable company that offers trendy and creative wallpapers. We have an extensive range of home wallpaper in Singapore. Our wallpapers come in a variety of styles like flower patterns, leaf and foliage, and many more. We don't only provide designs, but also wallpapers in a variety of patterns, surfaces, and textures to match the decor of your house.

Wallpaper, as we all know, is a long-term purchase. As a result, it's crucial to find the best wallpaper in Singapore with an aesthetic appeal that compliments the concept of your home. It is recommendable to use vibrant colours, hues, and patterns that will liven up your home.

If you want fashionable wallpaper in Singapore for your house, you ought to check out our top wallpaper selections!





Benefits of Using Wallpapers in Your Home

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Wallpapers offer a diverse array of designs, patterns, and textures, enabling you to personalize your space according to your preferences. This versatility enhances visual interest and allows for a more customized environment.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Wallpapers provide greater convenience compared to paint in terms of both installation and removal, thanks to their effortless application process. This makes them an ideal choice for quick room transformations.
  • Hide Imperfections: Wallpapers have the ability to conceal wall flaws such as cracked surfaces or irregularities, providing a smooth and flawless appearance to the surface.
  • Durability: High-quality home wallpaper in Singapore boasts strength and tear resistance, ensuring its enduring attractiveness on walls over time.
  • Variety of Styles:When looking to buy wallpaper in Singapore, you'll discover a myriad of styles available, spanning from traditional to modern or eclectic designs, each offering unique decorative themes to suit various preferences.
  • Versatility: Whether you want an accent wall or a wallpaper that covers the whole room, wallpapers have a diversity in application, enabling you to come up with artistic details or a consistent design plan for your house.


Our Popular Range of Wallpaper Designs

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Give your room a new look with timeless elegance from KR-Darae5. Tender floral images blend with complex details which add sophistication and coziness to your interior. Transform your space with this timeless piece that mixes well with both traditional as well as contemporary designs.

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Feel the beauty of northern lights in your house with KR-Aurora wallpaper. Inspired by the beauty of the aurora borealis, this breathtaking design embodies the ephemeral gleam and movement of the atmospheric wonder, transporting you to a space filled with tranquillity and awe.

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Let's keep it simple with KR-Since wallpaper. With clean lines and a minimalist design, this contemporary style blends traditional classic features into a modern aesthetic. This subtle and best wallpaper in Singapore will help create a calm atmosphere in any given room.

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Highlight the important value of nature with KR-Lohas wallpaper at home. This eco-friendly design is made of environmentally friendly materials representing natural appeal and serenity. Whether you choose a lush forest or a peaceful landscape, let nature echo who you are by choosing this wallpaper that is also environmentally friendly.

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Experience the affordable luxury of KR-Primo wallpaper. This wonderful piece highlights the ornate designs and opulent textures to create the emblem of beauty and class. Enrich the ambiance of your interior space with the delicate charm of KR-Primo, which adds to the regal feel of your residence and draws people in effortlessly.

What is the Price of Wallpaper for a House in Singapore?

When estimating the cost of wallpapering a specific room in Singapore, factors such as room size and the chosen wallpaper design in Singapore play a crucial role. Typically, wallpaper companies in Singapore use a square-foot rate for pricing. Additionally, unique wallpaper designs like 3D wallpaper or peel-and-stick wallpaper may entail an extra fee for their application and mounting process. For an accurate estimate tailored to your project, it's advisable to seek quotes from a reputable wallpaper specialist in Singapore.

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