The advantages and disadvantages of painting and wallpapering have been a topic of controversy in recent years. As per wallpaper installer Singapore, Wallpaper is a better option in most cases. But still, we frequently start debating between Wallpaper and paint. To make the finest decision to buy Wallpaper Singapore or go with paint, it is always safe to compare how painting and wallpapering can elevate your property.

In the last ten years, the argument between Wallpaper and paint has been, to put it mildly, fierce. But before we go there, keep in mind that you will have to live with the consequences of your choice for a considerable amount of time. To make things simpler, we've looked at which wall coverings, paint or Wallpaper, are best for walls and why.

Many more distinctions between the two help you decide which is better for your house, as you can see below. If you are looking for professionals to paint your home or add Wallpaper, we offer the best services in Singapore.

Paint and Its Features

The default option for homeowners is this. In addition to being the least expensive alternative, paint gives personality to a space that would otherwise be boring. The quickest way to make a condo that is 20 years old look new is to give it a fresh coat of paint.

When painting, you can use various colour palettes and brush types to create special effects. You can literally paint any design you can imagine on your walls if you have the creativity to do so. Finally, paint makes it simple to combine several colour shades and employ them to finish your home's general design. Here we have mentioned some of the characteristic features of paint.

1. Cheap But Small Lifetime:

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using paint is how reasonably priced it is. Even while it comes in a variety of prices and quality levels, wallpapering your house is still more expensive. This one is more economical if you're looking for a low-cost solution.

However, since the paint begins to peel and crack after a few years, it must be replaced. Therefore, even if it is initially less expensive. Your wallet will curse you for choosing this option in the long term.

2. Flexible

Paint offers many options, much like Wallpaper does. There are numerous interior paint colour options available. All you need to know about colour matching is the fundamentals.

Generally speaking, the paint will shine more brightly the higher the sheen. The degree of shine may also increase the outcome's durability. Additionally, there are many types to pick from, including flat paint, high-gloss paint, semi-gloss, and satin paint.

3. Easily Damaged

Paint is much more vulnerable to damage because it covers your walls with a thin layer of coating. Maybe all it takes to cause the paint to chip off your wall is a scrape or a blow. You will need to paint or repair the area in such circumstances.

4. Can Be Messy

Wallpapering and painting generally differ significantly in one crucial way. Painting requires a lengthy process of preparation by default. This is because paint can make a tremendous mess. Therefore, it must be applied with extreme care to prevent ruining your flooring, appliances, or furniture.

Wallpaper And Its Features:

One of the most well-known elements of interior design is Wallpaper. Particularly in the previous ten years, their visual appeal has increased dramatically. In essence, Wallpaper is a material that is put vertically on walls. Depending on the wall and design chosen, they are either sold in rolls and come in a variety of sizes or according to the size of the wall.

Additionally, they are stronger and have a longer lifespan. Not to add that, unlike paint, Wallpaper makes it easier to conceal any wall flaws than it does to paint. Last but not least, wallpapers just do a better job of enhancing the beauty and design of your walls.

1. Long-lasting

As per wallpaper installer Singapore, wallpapers outlast their competitors by a wide margin in terms of longevity. They are appropriate for houses with children and can handle everyday wear and tear. Maybe you have trouble stopping your kids from touching the wall. Wallpapers come in handy at that point.

2. Versatility

There are numerous designs, patterns, colours, and textures from which to choose. Painting and wallpapering both have this quality, but wallpapers have a lot more options.

Best of all, bespoke designs are now more affordable thanks to digital printing. You can now take advantage of the benefit of completely customizing your interior. For instance, you can use vertical stripes to give the impression that your ceilings are higher. On the other hand, you can use horizontal lines to convey the idea that your room is larger.

3. Adds to Your Place

Finally, wallpapers will give every home's interior design an exquisite finishing touch. The fact that Wallpaper gives your walls depth, character, and warmth is arguably its most visible quality. Monotone paints hardly ever replicate the 3D effect of your walls if you're aiming for that.

Though paint also does the same thing, wallpapers are so much better when it comes to beautifying your home.

Why is Wallpaper better than paint?

It is clear from the above part that both of them have their own features. So, as for your choice, it should be purely based on your priorities. So, it all comes down to how much you're ready to spend and how much effort you're willing to put up with when deciding between Wallpaper and paint.

You may have Japanese or Korean Wallpaper installed on your walls in a relatively short amount of time if you have a larger budget, need something aesthetically beautiful, and need it done quickly. Additionally, there are possibilities for Customized Murals and European styles.

However, painting should help you to improve the aesthetics of your living room if your budget is tight and you're ready to make some compromises, even though you'll need to put in a little more work throughout the process.

Though the paint is cheap, easy to apply and everything, wallpapers are so much better when it comes to quality. Paint will stay for a shorter period of time, and soon you will have to replace it, which is not the case with wallpapers as it can last even for 10-15 years. Moreover, you get an enchanted place to live if you go with Wallpaper.

Chemical paints emit harmful fumes that can be hazardous to one's health, especially inexpensive ones, which is another relatively significant aspect. However, wallpapers are not affected by these safety-related problems. Additionally, they offer a nearly identical range of designs to Wallpaper.


In a nutshell, we can say that there are a number of factors to consider before deciding whether to use paint or Wallpaper. The durability of them both is the most fundamental factor, according to which the former is always the best choice. Other than that, there is versatility, price, appearances, etc. to make the right decision

In case you have made up the decision, the next thing is how to go on with it. You may buy Wallpaper Singapore and make use of it or hire the best interior designing services in Singapore to take care of it. If you are looking for Wallpaper installer Singapore, we provide the best interior designing services.