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Are you seeking the most renowned and culturally relevant wallpaper design in Singapore? Look no further; you have come to the correct location. Without a doubt, the perfect wallpaper design can make your home more beautiful.

If you choose the appropriate design, your home will be cozy, alluring, and capture the heart. Wallpaper used to be applied to walls as a protective covering solely. But now, the varied wallpaper designs also define culture in addition to being used to decorate homes and offices.

Most wallpapers are offered in rolls and easily adhered to your walls. Some people use paints, but the appeal of wallpaper lies in its design, variety, and ability to be removed whenever desired, unlike paint.

Since Singapore is well-known for its art and culture, you can decide to go with a pattern that reflects the local way of life. Here are the 5 most popular wallpapers in Singapore that go well with the local culture if you're having trouble picking one out to suit your taste or style.

Best Wallpaper Designs In Singapore

You can be sure to get the ideal wallpaper for your home or place of business since we have put together a list of the top 5 wallpapers in Singapore. We have everything you need, whether you're looking for something contemporary and fashionable or something more traditional.

Below are a few of the best wallpaper patterns. Choose one of them to add a distinctive and exquisite touch to your home or workplace.

1. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is resistant to humidity and wetness. As a result, vinyl wallpaper is more prominent for utilization right now. In Singapore, vinyl is the most popular wallpaper pattern for usage in bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl wallpaper is an excellent option for people with frequent dampness in their houses or small children. This wallpaper is one choice that satisfies people's preferences because it is both inexpensive and durable.

The vinyl wallpaper is resistant to steam in addition to water. So there is no chance of harm when you wash them. Along with these benefits, this wallpaper is composed of thick materials, which makes it more resistant to holes, rips, and stains.

Vinyl offers resilience to ordinary messes without sacrificing elegance or design. Present-day, this wallpaper is offered in patterns that meld with seductive hues and textures.

2. Fabric Wallpaper

The ideal alternative for homeowners and renters is fabric wallpaper since it is a popular DIY decor solution. There are several benefits if you decide to use fabric wallpaper in your house.

The first advantage of fabric wallpaper is that it adds just as much charm to your home as more costly wallpaper without costing as much. The fabric wallpaper peels off cleanly, unlike other wallpapers that leave marks on the walls and are challenging to remove.

Another feature is the cloth wallpaper's resistance to mold. This wallpaper's sole drawback is how readily it gets stained. However, fabric wallpaper is renowned for its allure and beauty and may provide coziness and joy to your living spaces.

3. Serene Solids

Have you ever considered that your bedroom tends to mirror your personality? Your choice of wall decor has an impact on your mood every day, in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Serene solids are a straightforward, often-used wallpaper style that exudes refinement and glamour. The Serene solids are a traditional pattern with an elaborate design that complements the room without dominating it.

They occasionally feature colorful patterns and a plain backdrop. The Serene solids is a fantastic choice since, although being a traditional design, it enhances the elegance of the space, and its colorful patterns blend in beautifully with the furnishings.

The Serene wallpapers may be the finest option for anyone wishing to add a classic to their walls because of their versatility in use.

4. Folk  Wallpaper

Folk wallpaper is typically utilized in home spaces that require a formal appearance for specialized design. Numerous designs, patterns, and styles are available to suit your preferences and requirements. They can be washed, which is one of their key benefits.

Keep in mind that folk wallpapers are less resilient to outside influences. If there is too much rubbing when cleaning them, they could potentially suffer harm. Folk wallpapers have hues that are so beautiful and vibrant that they draw people in and provide a sense of sophistication.

5. Common Wallpaper

In Singapore, common wallpaper is one of the most widely used types. They provide a touch of luxury and enhance the comfort and appeal of your living area.  Standard Normal wallpaper is more challenging to install than other wallpapers, but many still adore it since they are less likely to be scratched.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Apply Wallpaper In Home?

Have you not put up wallpaper in your house? Or perhaps you find it difficult or lack time to do it as their installation takes a lot of time. No need to worry; we're here to transform your home or workplace into a place where you may be who you really are.

We all want to reside in a home or workspace that exudes charm, contentment, and a sense of calm and mystery. Therefore, if you want to design your living space to have a nice atmosphere, we have the best wallpaper specialist.

Only if you apply the wallpaper correctly will it make your interior more attractive. Since we offer so many gorgeous wallpaper patterns that will cover your walls and leave guests in shock, E-Best is the top choice of customers in Singapore.

Custom Wallpaper Mural Singapore

You won't find any other intriguing wallpapers like Mural Wallpaper. Their artworks are rare, beautiful, and distinctive. It may qualify as a lovely work of art to hang on your wall. This style of wallpaper is undoubtedly beautiful and charming, but it is also more costly than normal ones.

Instead of employing the conventional offset printing technique, modern digital printing is used to print them. We have the most magnificent wallpapers if you're seeking wallpaper mural in Singapore. You truly deserve to reside in a charming and attractive house.


The wallpapers mentioned above are some of the best in Singapore and may add a touch of elegance to your house if you install one of them. Wallpaper is one of the essential mood-setters since the proper wallpaper in your room may help you unwind and feel peaceful.

Explore many textures, patterns, and colors that will fit your space perfectly. If you've decided to utilize wallpaper in your workplace, it's crucial to conduct an extensive study. Don't just hang any wallpaper you come across on your wall.